I find the gun debate interesting. I have made a number of videos in my series, “The Minute”  about this issue. My stance on this issue is simple.  I own a gun and feel people should have a right to own guns.  I am just disgusted with the weekend warriors, thugs, assholes and mentally ill wack jobs who treat guns like an extension of their man hood or worse as a solution to everyday problems.   When  people say, “you’re too emotional about guns”  I think to myself… what happened to your cold dead heart that it has become so covered in black gun powder that you don’t get emotional about maniacs gunning our kids down in the streets. If you’re not getting emotional about this issue there is something seriously wrong with you!   I remember working at “Catch a Rising Star” in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and going to the Soldier of Fortune show.  I saw people leaving that convention with weapons, ammunition, grenades and even rocket launchers.   These are people I would not trust carrying a sling shot, but they walked out with enough weapons to take out a small city.   I believe we need to take some sensible steps that make it harder to get weapons into the hands of just about anybody who wants one.   Does sensible gun legislation lead to confiscation?  I don’t think anyone is going to disarm America. The proof is every time the gun nuts scream confiscation. Gun sales soar!   We now have 90 guns for every 100 citizens.

I recently had to get some new contacts lenses and found myself astounded by the fact that contact lenses are more regulated than guns.  We have strict laws governing our eyeballs but a gun now that’s an entirely different story?  It’s a sad state of affairs in America. When contact lenses are more regulated than guns.   Check out contact Lenses & Guns