Thank you friends!

This year as my Birthday approached The Boston Marathon bombing occurred and suddenly all hell broke loose in America. I was immediately overwhelmed with this horrible feeling of deja vu. Then it became clear why I felt this way. This was reminiscent of how I felt during the week of April 19th 1995 when another domestic terrorist bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. These horrific acts of evil make me feel so disgusted with humanity that the thought of celebrating my birthday completely left my mind. Then it was as if the cosmic tumblers in the Universe suddenly realigned just for a moment in my direction. My phone began ringing. My Facebook page blew up with messages. I thought. Really? In all this madness, during this fever pitched moment when the mob is screaming for anybody’s head to be placed on a pike. During this non stop orgy of pornographic violence and the media’s nauseating coverage that makes one want to vomit. People actually stopped and thought about me? Maybe it was just “Male Menopause” that suddenly caused my emotions to reach a tipping point and bring me to tears. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that when confronted by the worst that humanity has to offer, there are still some loving people in this world. People who choose to turn away from evil and instead take the time to remind another person that he is LOVED on his birthday. Thank YOU! My love goes out to each one of you who either phoned or sent me messages. You are the people in this world that make the sun shine a little brighter and things on this planet appear a little less insane. I bow my head in honor to you. My Friends.