HistoryWe have now arrived at a place in history where we seem to be repeating the mistakes of our predecessors at an alarming rate with a zenith of foolish blunders that destroy the very fabric of integrity for which we proudly stood. We accept this now without even batting an eyelash as to the significance and importance that these errors pose to our fragile American freedoms. We’ve allowed politicians and media whores to create new laws and define morality for us. We are clearly no longer bound by the great trinity “Truth, Honesty and Justice.” Instead we allow ourselves to be bamboozled and redefined by fear and mistrust We are like Lemmings scurring to a cliff, and jumping to our deaths. Why do we do it? because we still trust these con artist to guide us. The very same CHARLATANS who trade their souls for the depraved desire for more Money and Power.