Reality check

In the past, the truth could not be known. People could not understand events such as death and life after death, so they made up a story to explain it. People just made up stories and told others it was the truth. They did it for a lot of reasons, such as to give themselves some importance in the group, or just to tell a more entertaining story. Other people passed it down in good faith actually believing it was the truth or wanting to believe it was the truth. These good intentioned people are the most responsible for all the world’s religions. The good intentioned people that passed it down changed it, embellishing it as they did. If they did not remember a story exactly, when they retold it, they would fill in the parts they could not remember with whatever they thought they heard. Stories change as they are passed by word of mouth from one person to another. Science now provides us with such factual evidence concerning our existence that the idea of accepting mythical fairy tales as fact is something that seems quite mind boggling in this wonderful age of science.