On Monday, Zimmerman’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) trainer Adam Pollocktestified that Zimmerman was “soft” when he began to train at his gym, and in over a year of training, progressed to a 1 on a scale of one to ten. On Wednesday, a defense expert in physical self defense further underscored that point, testifying that Zimmerman “didn’t seem to have any” abilities in that area.

Therefore, it might come as a surprise that Kokopelli’s Gym, where Zimmerman received MMA instruction for over a year, is promoting the George Zimmerman training program on its website, offering customers the chance to sign up now for information on Zimmerman’s training, to be delivered only after the trial is over:


To receive information about the training George Zimmerman received at KOKOPELLI’S GYM, please email request by filling out the form provided below.

Zimmerman Training Information Request Form



* George Zimmerman training information will be provided for those who request it after the completion of the trial.

Now, there are some who would react to this news with disgust, at a seemingly crass attempt to exploit the killing of an unarmed 17 year-old. If the aim were simply to handle curiosity resulting from the trial’s publicity, the gym could have posted a statement explaining that they would not be commenting on the incident, or Zimmerman’s involvement.

However, if Adam Pollock’s testimony is to be believed, the real question is, why would anyone want to learn how they can spend a year preparing to get their ass kicked? Perhaps more importantly, why didn’t the prosecution know about this when it cross-examined Pollock? It would seem to undercut Pollock’s claim that Zimmerman was as helpless as a Pillsbury mascot that Pollock’s “no-holds-barred” gym is promoting the George Zimmerman training plan, and won’t reveal it until after the trial.