We’ve arrived in a place in history where we seem to be forgetting the mistakes

we have made in our past. How is it that we have lost our way so badly.

Instead of staying on the path we have now allowed ourselves to be redefined by fear.  We just scurry from one moment to the next. One disaster, one story about this one nightmare about that. We’re like a heard just running for our fucking lives. Hoping and praying that somehow we’re gonna make it. We’re gonna be the one out of the heard of millions that is going to survive this fucking nightmare.  And the truly sad part is that we do this relying on the information from the same people that have traded what we value the most in life. What we consider to be the greatest tenements that made this country great.

The Trinity of America. Truth Honest and Justice!  And they have sold us out. Like a cheap suit in a resale store and for what?  And for what? What have they sold us out for? They have sold us out for what they hold dearest to their depraved souls.  What they desire above everything else in the world and that is…..MORE MONEY AND MORE POWER.