Check out this installment of  “The Minute” where I talk about the zombie rain from last weeks episode.

This year on Halloween I’m going to just a little more on edge after watching the Walking Dead because let me tell you there are a lot of phrases that will freak you out.

People say “its raining cats and dogs” It is? It’s raining cats and dogs. SHIT! I do want to be hit by a cat or a dog. Cats have nine lives they can hit me nine times. A dog what kind of dog.  A little dog? Little dogs I can handle but I don’t want to be hit by a Rottweiler but the worse phrase you ever hear in your life is… It’s raining Zombies! You could be the greatest zombie prepper on the face of the planet, but you cannot prep for raining zombies.

Did you see Daryl he didn’t even know what to do. I do not want to be looking up and zombies come raining on top of me.  What if a dead dick hits me in the ear. I do not want a dead dick to hit me in the ear! So Walking Dead thank you. Thank you so much! for now making my nightmares a hundred time worse than they are already.