comedians-viral-videos-breaking-bad -and-You-Tube-numbers“I need to create video that will go viral.”  This seems to be the new war cry from comedians and artist alike on Social Media. What most don’t realize is that you will never have a viral video if you don’t first make great content and publish a lot of it. This was the secret to success for Vic Dibetetto.  Vic understood that success requires hard work and building good creative content.  His success did not come overnight but when it finally did hit. Well as they say is Jersey,  “Holy Fucking Shit! it was un frigging believable.” Vic today has scored an amazing 10 million viewers, that the same number as the season finale of “Breaking Bad”.  Imagine a stand up comedian from New Jersey has as many viewers as one of the most iconic shows on television.  If this doesn’t wake you up to the power of creating a You Tube channel and great content as a performer. Then you gotta be deaf, dumb and blind.