You are the BOSS of your own ART ” To draw, you must close your eyes and sing ” ~ Pablo Picasso

Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new that has some kind of value. To be creative is a fun way to get things done. Being creative is a positive mental attitude. It is an attitude that opens door to vast opportunities.

Ways to develop your creativity :

1. Solving problem.
It is the best way to exercise your creativity.

2. Do it your way.
Express yourself with your own style . . Different from others.

3. Attention to details.
Pay attention to each step of your work. Discover new ideas and improve upon.

4. Manifest your imagination.
Take action to work your ideas.

5. Change.
Be proactive. Take risks. Do things that you have not done to seek progress and improvement.

6. Be productive.
Efficient and effective. Be innovative.

7. Read, see and observe.
Be inspired.

8. Work on it mindfully.
Do it with all your heart and soul.

9. Take a break.
Take time to relax.

10. To simplify.
Do less and get more done.