When creating a presence for yourself on today’s information super highway nothing has become more important than great video.  Video drives your SEO programs and brings more traffic to your web site or blog.  YouTube is now watched by over 800 million unique users each month and video is now being shown in Google’s ‘Universal Search,’ The facts are clear that video plays a significant role in digital marketing and 60 seconds of video is what most users prefer in this era of cell phones and tablets. I can create succinct video for your website or blog that will drive your brand.


60 second videos

If you are in need of video testimonials, mission statements, a brand makeover, or a Web series that will showcase your companies product to the world. Look no further.  Kirk Noland can make your vision become a reality.  Kirk is a master storyteller in the art of the 60 second video exhibition.  Contact Kirk today for succinct video created by a master storyteller that will showcase your brand to the world in 60 seconds.