This has always been one of my favorite comedians. I worked with Richard many times in Vegas and Atlantic City. He was one of the most powerful and electrifying comedians I have ever had the privilege of working with. Rich was always the consummate professional. One time in Vegas I watched him spend two hours making sure the sound and lights were perfect for the show. No one I have ever met to this day has ever paid that close attention to the details of their show.  He gave me the greatest advice I have ever received from a comedian. That advise has made me the storyteller I am today.  I will never forget it and I will never forget him.  When I heard the news that he had taken his own life it hit me hard.  While we had worked together many times I had never become close friends with Richard. There was an aloofness about him that I now recognize in my own self these days. Even though we never became close. Richard Jeni had an influence on me like no other comedian ever has.  I miss that little genius from Bensonhurst who has inspired so many comedians of my era. Richard Jeni was one of the most brilliantly underrated comedians of his time.  I hope over time more young comedian will discover this incredible talent and realize what a true master of the craft Richard Jeni was.  Rich was truly one of kind and there will never be another like him.