I’m going to be braggadocios since our new president-elect has displayed this same quality and it has been so welcoming by those of you who voted for him. I created this video 5 years ago about president elect Trump which back then was considered saucy, but in the light of the language presented by our president elect and accepted by most Christians this is extremely mild compared to GTP. So let me be clear I have never liked Trump and at my age there is long list of reasons over the past thirty years of what to not like about this guy.

Here’s a big one that everyone should never forget in this moment of shouts by the right that it’s time for brotherhood and unity. Let’s be clear Trump led the march and battle cry trying to DE-legitimize President Obama while he has been in office for YEARS. Many people here on FB have spent the last two terms of Obama’s presidency screaming that he was not fit for office and he should be impeached. You all know who you are. You cannot hide from your timeline history. You are the same people who posted memes and videos defending the racist rants of Trump and the birther movement. That movement was plain and simple racism at its core and no one ever backed down from those claims including Trump.

Now there are other people who voted for Trump who did not follow others down that racist rat hole. They have voted for issues with Trump and some just simply against Hillary, which is clearly understandable. So we are soon going to see how all this plays out. I for one am a little excited by the uncertainty of this presidency. To quote Willy Wonka, “The suspense is killing me”

So here I present a video, which I created in 2011. I was ahead of the pack concerning this man and still am. This was before I rediscovered my voice in front of the camera. I said it fives years ago TRUMP WAS an asshole then and he’s an even bigger asshole today. I will enjoy voicing my opinion about this horrible cock splat of a human being just as much as my family and friends enjoyed calling Obama an illegitimate citizen of the United States that needed to go back to Kenya where he was born. The one thing Trump has opened the floodgates on is FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION. You should be able to say whatever you want about this man and any other topic since he rolls the same way. I mean like so many of you wrote locker room talk is something we all do and should not be ashamed of.  Even our new first lady said, “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” I for one am so excited to finally be able to be myself more, just like our new POTUS. So grab your pussies from sea to shining sea my fellow Americans because we are in for quite a ride.