You never know what strength you have until you are at rock bottom holding on tight as each day passes. In a little over a year so many things have happened to change my life. This next year will be even more amazing. I have so many people to thank that the list would be as long as Santa’s Christmas deliveries. So for the record,  If you have followed, helped and cheered on my journey. I just want to say THANK YOU! You learn a lot about yourself and your worth in this Universe when you have nothing to offer others and they love you just because YOU are YOU. I’d like to take a moment to thank Casey McNamara whose Ukulele playing videos first inspired this idea to tell this story. You hear his playing throughout this video. I’d also like to thank Brian Copple AKA reborn Brian 2.0, Screenwriter Dave, my girl Jeaneene Wallace, Roberta Carevic, Tonya Guffey and the rest of the Carevic family for their continual love and support.  This new year will see me finish school and hopefully build a new career and life that my daughter Berlyn Quinn Noland will be proud to say, “Hey that’s my Dad, he’s done something amazing with his life.” Much love to you my semi colon tribe. Remember keep your head help high –Kirk Noland