Today it’s clear we are not in a ‘post-fact’ or ‘post-truth’ world. The reality is this…real facts don’t seem to matter anymore. What you feel is what’s the truth and damn the facts and evidence. I find it very difficult to adhere to any kind of relationship with people who do not respect truth and facts before opinion and feelings. I appreciate passionate opinionated people on so many levels, except when passion overrides reality. This new Trump world we live in is based on judgements and conclusions that have no basis of real evidence. When you grow up you hope to mature to become a person of reason. Muhammad Ali once said, “If a man looks at the world when he is 50 the same way he looked at the world as he did at 20 he has wasted 30 years of his life.”

Don’t waste your life constantly saying you believe something strictly based on feelings. The world is so much bigger than that and the Universe as so many more opportunities for those that open their minds to the limitless possibilities that this life has to offer us.

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