Oh healing is such a bitch. The fact is for me to become stronger and try to remember how it all went wrong means to face the mortality of my own mistakes. The mental health crisis I faced had a lot of factors that I could not have prevented. Yet there are many other things you have to recognize and face if you are going to prevent making the same mistakes again. I never want to get to point I was at before and so taking responsibility is necessary to find closure and rebuild a new life. Not being able to remember everything does not erase the hurt I inflicted on the one person I treasured the most in life. In my struggle to rebuild and not hold things inside that destroyed me before. I must let this stuff out and face the pain no matter how hard it may be. You have to cleanse yourself with the truth. Some people will understand and others will not, but remember this…In the end NO ONE can offer you redemption except yourself. ~K2.0