I am happy to report that I’m leaving the hospital today walking on my own. After looking everything over with the doctors it looks like I’m in better shape than first expected.

I spent a log of time in bed and with that I was editing to keep my mind off the pain. Creating always helps me to heal.

I fleshed out a new 20 minute mini-doc in a pop-up video Instagram social media style. This theme focuses on stand-up, death, suicide and recovery. This mini doc comprises minutes created throughout my life all now formed into one fluid story using my editing style of Kintusugi.

I believe our stories help to unlock the key to other people’s darkness. My hope is someone finds comfort in knowing that they are not alone in this world after watching my story. That they discover the strength they need need to move forward and find the perseverance and determination to change their life. Never give up! As along as your heart is beating you have a shot at changing it all around. Please leave your comments below. And also share with your friends you feel need to see this message.

This is my life. This is my testimonial. It is my reminder to you all of my enduring strength to follow through on my mission to end the stigma and pain associated with depression and suicide. Never be ashamed to reach out. Talk and seek help over silence . Talking and facing the truth is the strongest and best thing you will ever do for your life. ~K2.0