In today’s world, it is more acceptable to be depressed than to be lonely-yet loneliness appears to be the inevitable byproduct of our frenetic contemporary lifestyle. According to the 2004 General Social Survey, one out of four Americans talked to no one about something of importance to them during the last six months. Another remarkable fact emerged from the 2000 U.S. Census: more people are living alone today than at any point in the country’s history—fully 25 percent of households consist of one person only. This feeling of separation and loneliness in a world that continues to spin out of control is becoming part of the new normal. The unfortunate part for most men is that they will find themselves separating from society without even realizing the damage they are doing to themselves until it is too late. Today suicide rates are highest for men in their 50s. I used to think I was alone in feeling this way I now realize I’m not alone, and neither are YOU. Reach out for help before you fall so deep down into that rabbit hole that you can’t get out. Listen to this excerpt from hidden brain. This segment really hit home for me. ~K2.0