I produced this music video for my friend David Santo.   831 is about a woman who has been lied to and cheated on. And, after all that mess, she struggles with this question – how is she going to make sense out of her life?

This is a brilliant piece of music and I wanted to give it a trippy, dreamy psychedelic look to go along with the complexity of the music bed.  I also kept thinking about the artist who wrote this and wanted to join his love for this woman and her heartbreak into a kismetic dance.

The joining of their two souls, in the end, is in fact what we all want from love.  I hope you all enjoy this collaboration and please leave your comments.

David Santo is a Detroit musician and writer. His debut album “Faster Than Love” (1990) and his follow up album “David Santo: Rocks Against Racism” (1995) were the cornerstones of his musical career. David still performs. Check him out at 831song.com