This is an exciting week for one of my clients. If you are not following @davidsantomusic Please do so immediately.

David Santo is an artist of impeccable integrity and artistic genius. His music will take you through a magical journey of unparalleled artistry.

His latest creation 831 is an electronic soulful love song that is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel. 

The song was produced in association with @iamgabrielmusic and is a masterful work of art.

When creating projects for clients there are so many intricate details in developing a piece of work that matches that artist’s artistic vision.

I filmed three different concert events taking hundreds of pictures and recorded hours of interviews. The result is the beginning of rebranding of this artist with a bold new vision for that journey.  I think the real art of what I do is in getting to know my clients very well.  Sometimes they squawk about the budget but in the end, they get very excited when they see their vision come to fruition.  I think it’s also at that moment they finally realize all the hats that I have worn so comfortably. I’ve been their director, producer, writer, friend, confidant and memory keeper. The last and most important role I play in creating a new brand experience is that of a dreamcatcher.  That moment when I see in their eyes that their new dream is being realized.  Most of my clients are people who are at the top of their field. They live a level of profound excellence rarely found in others. So when I capture their story in a way that makes them giddy with excitement. That is the moment for me which is more than money can buy. It’s when I get a glimpse through their artistic eyes at my own creative excellence. Thank You @davidsantomusic Your music is brilliant and I’m honored to be telling your story.