Welcome to the floating mental institution in space you’ve been living on my fellow monkeys in your cages.  I keep saying this over and over in video after video because I want people to snap out of the gaslighting propaganda that has engulfed their mindset. People think they are immune to the poisoning of their mind by this mental manipulation technique.  You are not. Hitler ALMOST TOOK OVER THE WORLD with just the power of radio. Trump has inherited the Death Star of mind manipulation. The digital dictatorship that we have been living under which knows our behaviors better than our own families…and even ourselves.  Even  Putin says “the nation that leads in AI will be the ruler of the world”

We are now trapped in a world of mass confusion and hysteria mixed with lies and peppered with our own desperation and fear. Once you come to the realization of what is happening in front of your eyes. You have two choices. Stay silent and afraid and follow the herd to the cliff or begin the process of reeducating yourself on what has been happening to America and it’s people which has brought us to this point in the road of history.  Find the narrative that will help you get through each day. Find a storyline in the facts that helps you to realize the most important lesson of all.