This richest colonial country in the world is not only destroying it’s own citizens but almost all living beings all over the world. It has more than 800+ military bases all over the world and provides endless bombing of innocent civilians everywhere and a bloated unaudited military budget (Military Industrial Complex). It has a profit driven prison industrial complex that has more people (primarily people of color) in prison than any other country in the world. It proudly caused the failed state in Libya that now has slave trade. It overturned a democratically elected leaders in Honduras, Iran, Chile, Iran,Haiti, etc. It’s people DO NOT HAVE medicare for all in the midst of a pandemic. It does not have free high quality education through university for the commonwealth. It does not have equitable public housing, indeed decent house available at all. it does not have safe food/water/air for all it citizens. It does not provide a real equal justice system at ll. It does not have a legislature (state or national) that represents the people instead of corporations/oligarchs/billionaires. It also has one of the most corrupt electoral systems in industrial countries where even the Presidential candidate with the most votes DOES NOT WIN. We are now all monkeys trapped in our cages trying to pretend what is happening is not really happening. The truth has now been uncovered right in front of your eyes. It is time for all good men and women of conscious and character to stand up and speak out against corruption and injustice. IF WE DON’T STAND AND FIGHT…WHO WILL?