I am the Master of my Fate • I am the Captain of my Soul.

These are my favorite words spoken by one of the greatest actors of all time. I once used this as a mantra for my life but then I got lost and confused and fell off my path.  The thing is pain and trauma will catch up to you if you are not careful to deal with it appropriately.   I felt I had escaped it’s dark grasp but I was so wrong.  I am now finding my way back to my true path and destiny and reciting these words on a daily basis. ~K2.0

BHS Studio Shoot and you’re invited.

This was a shoot I directed, produced and edited. These kids were a joy to work with.

Capes.com BTS Video and Photo Shoot

This is a behind the scenes studio shoot for Capes.com  I directed, produced and edited every aspect of this shoot from start to finish. I love working with kids they are so much fun.

Herbie Hancock on Miles Davis

A brilliant video from Side Stage Improv that will make you rethink the creative process.

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